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Laughter Yoga Teacher’s Training Course in India – 50 hours

God has given the privilege of laughing to human beings only not any other beings. Other beings can never laugh giggly like human beings. God has given us the virtue and mechanism to laugh. So there is some purpose very important. There is some secret very important.
The genius  Omo the Guru has revealed all the secrets of laughter and formulated a complete package of laughter yoga and meditation to prepare the laughter gurus in order to heal the whole humanity and give them happiness and wellness.  Omo the Guru want’s to spread the scientific and hi tech method of laughter yoga all over the world.

It gives not only physical flexibility but purification of total nervous system and stilling the mind effectively that leads practitioner to transcendental state ,the bliss and enlightenment. It is therefore a complete therapeutic and spiritual package that leads at last to realization.
Laughter is the foe of depression. Laughter and depression can’t live together. So You have to select either depression or laughter for your self. It spiritizes all the body mechanism as well as mind and fulfill vim and vigour. This is very effective way of healing,happiness and wellness in the body and mind over all in the life.
This package of laughter yoga and meditation trains you how to teach others authoritatively explaining them all the benefit of laughter in physical and mental level so that they may spread it and make the whole world happy and harmonized by the practice of high techniques of laughter. The practitioner erases the causes of depression ,enhances efficacy in workfield day by day, hour by hour and protects from all the negativities.

Fees – $850 (including food, accommodation and certificate)

  • 6 to 12 November
  • 6 to 12 January
  • 6 to 12 March
  • 6 to 12 May
  • 6 to 12 July
  • 6 to 12 September

Class Schedule

  • 05.00 : 08.00 – Practice
  • 08.30 : 09.00 – Breakfast
  • 09.30 : 10.30 – Philosophy of Laughter+vedic wisdom
  • 11.00 : 12.00 – Anatomy of Laughter+therapy
  • 01.00 : 02.00 – Lunch
  • 03.00 : 03.30 – Fresh Seasonal Fruit Juice
  • 04.30 : 05:00 – Tea
  • 05.00 – 07.00 – Practice
  • 08.00 – 09.00 – Dinner
  • 10.00 – Sleep

Meditation Teacher’s Training (Advanced & Intensive) Course in India – 200 hours

Yoga Teachers Training Course (Y.T.T.C) is just introductory course for beginners while Meditation Teachers Training Course (M.T.T.C) is an advanced and intensive package that makes you perfect to teach others authoritatively and practice yourself confidently. The journey that starts with Y.T.T.C gets final touch by M.T.T.C.
The advanced and intensive ways of Omo the Guru lead you to the culmination of meditation where the ego merges into mind, the mind merges into intellect and the intellect merges into consciousness and consciousness into super consciousness. According to Omo the Guru it is the state of intuition, realization, or liberation and enlightenment is attained by the advanced and intensive practice of meditation.

What’s meditation? Why should we practice meditation?

These are the common questions in the minds of a curious person about meditation. The verbal meaning of the word meditation is healing, because the word meditation comes out from Latin word meditari that comes from the etym med ere that means – to heal. It is therefore healing to trio diseases – physical, mental and spiritual, And yoga is a complete liberation from these ailments forever which is called liberation from all the agonies, all the trials and tribulations of life. Meditation practice controls the physical and mental problems immediately yes for spiritual illness a rigorous and regular practice is a must. In order to purify the ‘Chitta’ (sub-consciousness mind) overall the purification of body, mind and soul is the purpose of meditation retreat which leads to realization of self. Meditation is not mere matter of discussion & debate but the matter of experience to be beyond sensual sphere and that comes by an intensive practice at least for three hours. Meditation is neither fashion nor a status symbol. Meditation is not mere sitting closed eyes. It is a scientific and secret way to charge each and every cell of the body battery in order to spritize the vital force within the body. The meditation retreat vitalizes the nervous system, potentates glandular system. The meditation retreat balances the hormonal secretion and energizes each and every cell of the body and neurons of the brain.

Benefits of Meditation –

Meditation is a healing science as the word’s etymological meaning clarifies. It is just like a neuro-tonic. It strengthens the sensitivity and awareness. It maintains hormonal balance. It develops intuition and clairvoyance. When anyone meditates, the divine energy flows over and around the meditation practitioner. This state soothes the turbulent and maddening senses and mind.
The meditation also helps develop an ideal level of courage and caliber in the personality of the meditation practitioner.It develops capacity, patience, vigilance, intelligence, diligence, peace and love in the meditation practitioner. It makes the man/woman positively complete. It erases all the negative thinking. It removes hopelessness as well as nervousness from the personality.
Meditation means treatment at three levels-the physiological, psychological and spiritual. After long practice of meditation, the meditation practitioner gets to realize the ultimate reality and the secret of all the secrets. The meditator is able to reveal the mystery of the mysterious universe, cosmos. In a higher stage of the practice of yoga and meditation, something divine happens, beyond this material world which is known as transcendental.

Recent Researches and Benefits of Meditation Practice-

Meditation is not the research of ancient sages only, but even today many scientists are keen and interested in experiments that validate yoga and the benefits of meditation. Some experiments and the conclusions are mentioned below.
Researchers R K Valance and Herbert Benson experimented for a long time and concluded that during meditation, oxygen use reduces. Within five minutes time duration, the consumption of oxygen gets reduced by 20%. It means, while for the activation of the body mechanism much more oxygen is consumed, when anyone sits for meditation, oxygen and energy are saved. This saved oxygen and energy start rejuvenation of each and every cell of the body and mind, and provides great relaxation.
Paramhans Yoganand had long ago written, “Kriyayoga is simple physio- psychological method by which human blood is de carbonized and recharged with oxygen. The atoms of this extra oxygen are transmuted into life current to rejuvenate the brain and spinal centers. By stopping the accumulation of venomous blood, the yogi is able to lessen or prevent the decay of tissues. The advanced yogi transmutes his cells into energy.
When the person sleeps, the galvanized skin resistance increases 100% to 200% while in meditation, the galvanized skin resistance increases 250% to 5000% , which provides very deep relaxation.”
One American scientist says that through meditation, a person who is a drug or alcohol addict can easily be free from them.
The British Journal of Psychology notes an experiment on twenty person, in which a researcher gave them a Mantra to chant and made them sit for meditation. After one month, he found a tremendous change in their behavior, temperament and nature. In the beginning all the participants were very uneasy, unquiet and depressed but at last, they became very calm and cool.
As we know through Jnanmudras, the pituitary and Pineal glands are stimulated to secrete the hormones properly. The newly discovered hormone, melatonin, is very important for our mental well being. The lack of this hormones aggravates anger and tension. A person becomes very arrogant and foulmouthed, very nervous and impatient. The parent compound of melatonin hormone is serotonin. This serotonin hormones is made from the amino acid tryptophan. Melatonin is secreted from the pineal gland. During the day, the pineal gland produces high levels of serotonin and at night produces melatonin. If such secretion is stopped or disturbed, a person can get frustrated and become a victim of dementia.
Proper secretion of melatonin is possible only during meditation. So, through meditation, not only this hormones but all the other hormones we have discussed, are secreted which give a sense of well being to the individual. Melatonin, especially, gives a calming feeling of happiness in the psyche of the individual.
Recent researches reveal some more wonderful facts. During meditation, the brain emanates the alpha waves. Sometimes the Theta and Delta waves too. When the mind is cool and the brain is calm, the Alpha waves radiate. When the mind is possessed of tension, depression, or excitement the theta and delta waves emanate.
The brain is nothing but a big electrical circuit which always sends messages back and forth, between different points and centers of the brain. Actually, the brain generates a small amount of electricity known by the use of a machine called electroencephalogram. The waves are the same but according to vibration or frequency they are named alpha, beta, theta and delta etc. Alpha waves cycle 7 to 13 vibrations per second. Theta, delta and beta are of 13 to 30 vibrations per second, opposite to the alpha effect. These cause tension, depression, outbursts of temper, anger and anxiety.
The discovery of Alpha waves and their effect over the physique and psyche^ gave scientists an opportunity to develop a bio-feedback system. This bro- feedback system is a method by which, artificially, the body can get the benefit of the alpha waves from a machine. EEG is used to diagnose diseases like epilepsy, neuro and brain damage. Experts know how to stimulate or inject activity in the brain. Medical experts estimate that the human brain has 100,000,000,000,000 cells. Whatever we think and feel, that is nothing but the electro chemical activity within brain cells. Even now research and experiments are going on to learn of the nature and responses of the brain. Some recent research done in Los Angeles says yoga also helps the immune system to fight the AIDS virus.

M.T.T.C Advanced & Intensive 200 Hours
Class Schedule

  • 4:00 – Wake up
  • 4:45 – 07:45 – Meditation practice
  • 08:45 – 09:30 – Breakfast
  • 10:00 – 11:30 – Vedic Wisdom
  • 12:00 – 01:00 – Lunch (Satvic)
  • 02:00 – 02:30 – juice of seasonal fruits
  • 03:30 – 04:00 – Herbal Tea
  • 04:00 – 5:00 – Vedic Wisdom
  • 05:15 – 08:15 – Meditation Practice
  • 09:00 – 09:30 – Dinner (Satvic)
  • 10:30 – Bed to sleep

M.T.T.C (200 hours)- $2100 (including food, accommodation and certificate)

  • 6 November to 6 December
  • 6 January to 6 February
  • 6 March to 6 April
  • 6 May to 6 June
  • 6 July to 6 August
  • 6 September to 6 October
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .

Note: Sunday is Fun day – morning massage, noon relax, evening fun and frolic.

What to eat and why?

The diet is prescribed after the examination of the applicant according to pathological report and Ayurveda report (nadi checkup). Nutrition is provided on the recommendation of pathological report and menu is decided totally on the basis of Ayurveda diagnosis. There are three categories of the person according the Ayurveda concept – vata (gastric), pitta (acidic), kafa (cough). According to nature of the person food is given to accord the meditation practice because unsuitable food disturbs the natural process in the body and affects mental mechanism negatively and detracts the person from the healing or meditative path. So satvic food enhances the meditative sensitivity and receptivity it develops extraordinary qualities and efficiencies in the personality of meditation practitioner and elevates him/her in the culmination of meditation practice. While Tamasic and Rajasic food are against the spirit of meditation retreats.

Vacancies – 30 seats in every batch.

Note: Select your preferable session and book your seat.

Who can apply?

  • Applicant must have the certificate of Y.T.T.C of yoga alliance/real world yoga alliance/ Indian yoga alliance/ Canadian yoga alliance/ European yoga alliance International yoga Alliance and so on.
  • Master degree on yoga or graduate from any recognized university of the world.
  • Applicant will be considered after intensive viva/interview if no above qualifications.

Documental requirements –

  • Id proof (passport etc.)
  • Pathological Report (recently)
  • Ayurveda Report (recently)

Note : All the checkup or examinations are done recently in the center place. According to pathology and Ayurveda . Thereafter the diet and nutrition is prescribed for particular person that heals the practitioner naturally. Satvic food is very supporting to meditation. It shifts mind from irritate to meditative zone easily.

Tantra Meditation Teachers Training Course in India – 50 hours

What’s Tantra?

To find the answer of the questions. Its a must to peruse the etymological meaning of the words Tantra, Yantra & Mantra. Without the meaning of two other, one is not complete. This the trinity gives a complete sense of tantra. This trinity corresponds the complete function of tantra.

  1. Tantra -> Tanu-Vistare – Tanu to expand, that expands is tantra (tanoti vistarayati iti tantrah) so tantra mean expansion.
  2. Yantra -> Yamu Niyamane that regulates or disciplines is yantra, so regulation or discipline is yantra.
  3. Mantra -> manu avabodhane that gives deep experience or realization of reality is mantra. So, meaning in totality is that expands, regulates and gives deep experience or realization is tantra. When we use the word tantra both the words are included with their meanings within the meaning of the word Tantra. So again the questions the expansion of what? Regulation of what? and the deep experience of what? and whom?

The answer is energy of spirit. The cosmic energy? Yes cosmic energy. This whole universe is nothing but game of expansion, regulation and experience or realization of energy or the source of the energy. It is therefore seen that this universe is the game of the waves and rays of the energy. It is manipulated naturally by the trinity of Tantra yantra & mantra inclusively. Traditionally it is said agencies of God. God ??? Yes God- G – generator, O – organizer, D – destroyer. Like Vedic wisdom, Brahma (creator), Vishnu (protector), Shiva (destroyer).
The whole universe is always expanded regulated and over all experienced by everyone all the time. In the universal level and vital force in personal level. So, the energy is vital force in the body and energy is cosmic energy out of the body. The whole universe is the composition of the atoms and the body is the composition of the cells. The atoms or cells require energy and require manipulation. And manipulation means expansion, regulation and deep experience or realization. It is therefore Tantra is the science of manipulation of energy in a particular direction and purpose within the body are out of the body. Tantra is the science of realization of ultimate reality. Tantra is the science of regulation of all the varieties of the energy. So, who knows this science is known as tantric is mantric and yantric too because to concentrate, regulate or release the energy – Mantra & Yantra are a must then that is completely tantra. It is therefore tantra is the science of healing, releasing, deep experience and enlightenment.

Just as nowadays the word yoga is very popular in the same way in the vedic period the word tantra was so popular. So tantra means expanded energy and yantra means some tools which regulate the energy. And Mantra repetition activates and concentrates the energy and that concentrate energy makes force by yantra or tool and that force full of velocities and frequencies are used as a therapy to heal the weakness of body and mind. So mantra generates the energy and tantra expands and yantra regulates the energy and used to heal the person physically, mentally and spiritually.
It is therefore tantra is a way to release all the trio-trials and tribulations of life. Tantra is the way to attain mystic or supernatural powers. Along with the realization or enlightenment.
The word yoga and tantra are same in meaning and purpose but Patanjali used the word yoga not tantra. But before Patanjali the word tantra was in use.
So it is tantra that balances the whole universe, it is tantra that harmonizes the whole universe. This is the universal concept of tantra.
Nowadays the word tantra is used in a very minor purpose regarding to sexual exercise. How to use vital force within the body to find deep experience of ecstasy of copulation. It is therefore everywhere tantra meditation is very popular.
Here too expansion of energy and regulation of energy and deep experience is attained as a climax of exercise. It is therefore tantra meditation is a way how to give full satiety to female synchronizing male by some specific regulatory methods of meditation to boost stamina to male and satiate to female with elongation the time duration. So tantra meditation is nothing. It is the manipulation of energy, to use the energy in a regulated way to attain the perfect state of deep experience and ecstasy. It is therefore tantra meditation teaches how to regulate expand and concentrate to attain the perfect pleasure in sexual exercise or to go beyond the sexual sphere to spiritual sphere where lust transforms into love and love transforms into compassion for all the beings.
Practically it is a practice of disciplining to sexual excitement. So it is a course how to manage excitement.How to command the mind as well as excitement.
How to manage excitement and lead to the zone of no excitement without ejaculation. It is a way to transform the energy from bottom to top Chakra. It is an elevation,rising of energy of lust to platonic state of love while touching, kissing, loving with using all the techniques of tantra meditation by regulating and disciplining the excitement.
It is therefore tantra meditation teaches how to be a master of your mind not the slave of mind, it is not hyperbole it is said that whether that is meditation or copulation both are the game of regulation of mind. So, meditation is single meditation and tantra meditation is couple meditation. No one can be successful without commanding over mind. Practically may be not successful in the beginning even then a perfect sexual pleasure is attained as a flop practice of tantra meditation. If success then a complete command over mind and mental vacillation. How to do this? It is taught and practiced in 50 hours tantra meditation teacher training course thoroughly. So tantra meditation is a scientific and high tech method to attain the perfection in both material and spiritual life.

Course fees – $850 (including food, accommodation and certificate for tantra yoga teachership )

  • 1 to 6 December
  • 1 to 6 February
  • 1 to 6 April
  • 1 to 6 June
  • 1 to 6 August
  • 1 to 6 October

Class Schedule

  • 4:00 – Wake up
  • 4:45 – 07:45 – Tantra meditation practice
  • 08:45 – 09:30 – Breakfast
  • 10:00 – 11:30 – Anatomy of tantra meditation
  • 12:00 – 01:00 – Lunch
  • 02:00 – 02:30 – juice of seasonal fruits
  • 03:30 – 04:00 – Herbal Tea
  • 04:00 – 5:00 – Study of Vedic Wisdom & Tantra Philosophy
  • 05:15 – 08:15 – Meditation Practice
  • 09:00 – 09:30 – Dinner 
  • 10:30 – Bed to sleep

Kayakalpa (Ayurveda) Retreats in India (overhauling of body and mind)

“Come back from 60 to 16 within 45 days retreat.”

Kayakalpa means over hauling, detoxification of the whole body and mind.

  1.  Join Kayakalpa, be smart, young, charming, confident and winner of the game of love and life.
  2. It is the best composition of Ayurveda, Yoga and nature cure and other applied natural therapies “enlisted by Indian Board of Alternative Medicines”.
  3. It is the only way to revive lost stamina of males and to recover the virginity of females. It is a unique retreat, ‘Yaunkalp’.

Vedas declare “शतं वै पुरुषः” (Śatam vai puruṣaḥ) which means the human life is of hundred years. It is proven by the genetic science also that human body deserves to rest after 100 to 126 years span.
Kayakalpa is an ayurvedic term. Kaya means body and kalpa means changing or reviving the body. There are three bodies mentioned in Ayurvedic and yogic scriptures. (1) gross body (2) subtle body and (3) causal body. We as a person are composed of three bodies. Within the body flesh, bones, muscles etc. are considered as a gross body. Our mind, ego and intellect are the subtle body. The imprints embodied soul is causal body. Kayakalp rejuvenates all the bodies. Kayakalp is a hit and hi tech formulation to stop the aging process and provides protection from all diseases.
Through Kayakalp, the whole body is intoxicated and purified, there after the mental mechanism is staminated and at last spiritual uplifts takes place. Kayakalp is the gift of sages of India and hermits of the Himalayas for all of us. It is a boon and a blessing for human beings.

Kalpa (revival) of gross/material body

Most of the diseases are the result of food addiction or infections. Contagious diseases are controlled by medical science through antibodies and vaccinations. While Cancer, Arthritis, Obesity, Asthma, brain stroke. Heart attack etc. are the result of overeating and labor less ness  in the life style. Through the Kayakalp retreat the root causes of the diseases are finished from the body. The practitioner becomes free from food addiction and acquires – young, healthy, smart, slim, glowing and efficient body.

Kalpa of subtle/astral body

Subtle body means mind and mental mechanism. Through Kalpa mind and mental mechanism are purified or intoxicated organic body and  gives stamina to neurons and brain cells and brain mechanism get hospitalization through Kalpa. The practitioner is taught how to control the mind, how to be master of mind, not the slave. So by the praxis practitioners learn how to command the mind and its potency and power for spiritual progress.

Kalpa of causal body

The above retreat prepares the ground for spiritual elevation and as an Initiation the power of mantra is given to participants after some promises from them for regularity and austerity. In this way the participant elevates himself in the path of realization because mantra cuts and deletes the Karmic effects from the soft disc of the mind-stuff or Chitta or sub conscious mind.

Yaun Kalpa (over hauling of sexual and procreative mechanism)

It is a unique and tremendous secret of Ayurveda, yoga, herbal and natural cure. It is a hit secret to revive lost stamina of males and females. Male’s sexual fragility is removed and they become a power-full, potent, capable and successful who might satisfy their spouses perfectly. They become the winner of the game of love or lust. If there is no sexual desire or stamina in man. It means he is not young or healthy. The sexual capacity is a proof of a young person if he enjoys sex successfully. How to be a successful male, It is lesson-ed and given training to the participants. For the females there is the best formula to make female’s organ tight and youth-full, because after delivery, over sexual activity or aging the mammals and vaginal portion get loosened and sluggish. The Yaunkalp gives intact effect and recovers the virginity. It makes the organ like that of the teenage and gives the feel of unused and tight. So it is very effective for the vim and vigor, cheers and charms.


Any male and female aged 35 to 65 can participate in the Kayakalp retreat. The applicant will be selected after the examination of recent medical and pathological reports.

Duration for Kayakalpa

45 days are compulsory to get benefited of the Kayakalp retreat fully.

Duration for ‘Yaunkalpa’

For the Yaunkalp 11 days are compulsory to get benefited. The Yaunkalpa is most effective after 45 days Kayakalp retreat.

Note :- Anyone who is underweight but otherwise is healthy and fit, can participate directly in the ‘Yaunkalp’, but admission will be decided after examination of recent medical and pathological reports.

Eligibility –

Any male or female aged 25 to 45 can apply for Yaunkalpa. The appllicant will be selected after the examination of recent medical and pathological reports.


This Kalpa is a full package for complete recuperation and rejuvenation of the males and females. It gives all the benefits of yoga, meditation and Panchakarma of Ayurveda. It overhauls the whole body and mental mechanism. It provides a good physical, psychic and mental mechanism. Good health means a good flow of life current in each and every cell and nerve of the body with feeling of goodness, of zeal, enthusiasm, vim and vigor, cheer and charm. These are possible only when the whole body is purified and there is full flow of current but it is acquired through Kayakalp only. Kayakalp stops the aging process and the practitioner requires youth full ness . Come on be young and enjoy love, life and para-life or God realization.

-: Schedule of the Retreat :-

  • 5.00 : 7.00 – Retreat
  • 7.00 – Session over
  • 7.30 – Kalpa drink
  • 08.00 : 08.30 – Dhumrayam (It is an ayurvedic therapy to heal mental mechanism through inhalation herbal smoke)
  • 9.00 : 10.30 – Abhyangam (Panchkarma)
  • 10.30 : 11.30 – Relax (sun bath)
  • 11.30 : 12.00 – Bath (shower)
  • 12.00 : 01.00 – Soup (kalpa bati)
  • 12.00 : 02.00 – Relax
  • 02.00 : 02.30 – Lunch
  • 02.30 : 03.30 – Relax
  • 03.30 – Fruit Juice (seasonal)
  • 04.00 : 05.00 – Discourse
  • 05.00 : 06.00 – Dhumrayam
  • 07.00 : 07.30 – Dinner
  • 08.00 : 09.00 – Feedback, question answer session
  • 09.30 – Bed rest

Duration –

  • 11 days Kayakalpa Package ($1200)
  • 21 days Kayakalpa Package ($2200)
  • 45 days Kayakalpa Package ($5100)
  • 11 days Yaunkalpa Package ($5100)

7 Days International Yoga Festival for Couple’s in India 

It is to educate the scientific and hygienic approach to youth about copulation. A classical knowledge of Kamasutram with medical scientific explanation.

From 1st – 8 March in India & Abroad
Entry Fees – $850 Per head (including food & accommodation)

Relevance of the festival-

The history of Sex and sexology starts with history of humanity. The sex and it’s information is a must for human beings to be healthy and happy in the life. It is therefore a great tradition in India that has been coming down from the time immemorial. It is Rishic tradition.
In the final academic session of Gurukul the students were taught sexology by the sage like teachers and blessed to be a successful person in the world. They were taught sexology, and meditation both the parts of Vedic Wisdom are very useful for the life. Whether that is the worldly matters or spiritual both the fields require expert persons not clumsy or novice.
Why the sexology became the matter of privacy and secrecy. It remained undisclosed openly and considered the matter of obscene and pornography. Why Indian society is so rigid and closed regarding to it while Kamsutram and sex temple is located at Khajuraho in India. Is it not a contrast ? There is a series of sexology treatise. The Kamasutram is a crown of the series.
Actually after the revival of Jain (599 to 527 B.C) Buddha (560 to 480 B.C) to Shankaracharya (8th Century A.D.) the spiritual movements and campaigns influenced the normal track and living of society, because of it the people came in influence of spiritual dilemma and skipped away from sexual matter and this the sexology was under-estimated. It was considered as a spoiling and detracting from the spiritual uplifts. It is therefore remained undisclosed and it took the shape of trend and tradition. In this way the knowledge of sexology was almost cornered from the main stream of life. The common man were deprived of such great and useful information about sexology.
Overall the people became clumsy, immature regarding to sexual matter while the temple of Khajuraho and the scripture on sexology Kamasutram are in India why ? To educate and spread the knowledge, awareness, information to the common people in order to attain the sexual pleasure with balanced reciprocal with spouse.
The lapses of Gurukul System, the domination of monks in the society lead the lackadaisical approach about sexual matter.
Though it is a blunt need for today’s meek and fragile people to maintain a good sexual health and also to have an hygienic approach about love and life.
The governments of many countries also advocate the sex education to schools. It is very good to revive this knowledge and spiritual foundation of the sages on Yoga and Kama (Sex) are complement to each other. The incapability of male to satisfy female can be recovered by the practice of Yoga and meditation retreat because the sex is nothing but a game of mind. If the mind is meditative then and then only the game of sex is successful otherwise it a flop exercise. If there is no Yoga and meditation retreat in the life. The life becomes more & more depressed and it leads the crazy and frenzy people in the society. Such people are required in society, country or world ? No never, Not at all.
It is therefore a must to impart a proper information, a scientific and hygienic awareness to coming generation not only the literature but also a campaign is compulsory.
That is why Omo the Guru has formulated a package for awareness for the youth of today. Omo the guru has designed a propagator y programs. Yoga festival for Youth (Couple). All of you are most welcome to participate in this big event to revive the lore of yore in the focus of medical science to protect  to youth of the globe.
7 days International Yoga Festival for Couples
Class Schedule –

  • 6.00 – 9.00 : Asana, Pranayam and meditation (tea break) (7.30)
  • 10.15 : Breakfast
  • 11.01 : Discourse on Kamsutram
  • 1.30 : Lunch
  • 3.00 : Tea Brake
  • 4.00 – 6.00 : Yoga for couple
  • 7.30 : Dinner
  • 8.15 : Concert
  • 10.00-4.30 : Sleeping hours