I was born in a land lord family at a village Deegh district Fatehpur (U.P) in 24 October 1966. My father was a yoga practitioner & he never missed to practice it even a single day. It was his regular routine. He was ayurvedic physician & naturopathist .He was teacher also in a Sanskrit College. He was not only good healer but also the best teacher and my mother was very religious also good ayurvedic food cook.  She mostly observed fasting for particular deity in a particular month for particular purpose in a particular day. So I was grown up and nursed in a yogic,naturopathic and fasto therapeutic discipline. thus since my childhood I went through all these in a very practical way. My home was the shelter of monks, Sages & hermits also, so we the children of my family were attendants in their service and as a blessings & love for us they taught us something or the other good for our well being. Over all the atmosphere of the family was like a boarding school all the time. There was no chance to any kid to be spoiled. No chance to go whimsically at any level. All the time discipline and discipline that’s yoga according to sage Patanjali. Under this disciplic learning after 10+2, I went to university of Allahabad for higher education and I completed my post graduation on Vedic wisdom (Sanskrit) and there after I went to Benaras Hindu university to complete my Ph.D but problem, the topic that I chosen for Ph.D was not issued to me so I was not happy to do doctorate. I told my father that yoga tradition & trends or the western contribution on the researches of Vedas. these topic are not given to me to research so I want to be a free lance research scholar of the subject of my choice .He spoke nothing at that time but later he tried to convince me about life, career ,Family children and so on. I said I want to be a sage like person, I want to live in Himalaya as a meditater. I can skip anything for studious, researching and meditative purpose. At my decision, He looked full of pride. After that he never & nothing opposed or imposed on me and in this way I started my freelance research work on yoga. I came to Rishikesh and joined Yoga Vedant Aranya Academy in Shivanand Ashram.

I got the answers of my many more questions. In that sequence I joined Shantikunj Ashram in Haridwar. I learnt many things like rituals and Vedic wisdom in a very updated way. Later I became full time devotee of international society for Krishna consciousness. There I learnt Krishna consciousness , love and devotion to Krishna Afterward I went through Brahmakumaris there I learnt the importance of God as a Shiva and meditation in the name of Rajyoga. Sequentially I met Muslim clerics and Christian priest, bishops and discussed about their rituals, trends & doctrines there at last I joined Shankar tradition Advait vedanta the Shankar vedant is the sanatanic philosophy in the Kailas Ashram in Rishikesh where Swami Vivekanand also studied vedic wisdom before going Chicago summit 1893 . After perusal vedic wisdom I found that this is the source of all the traditions and all the traditions are nothing but trends of this great & grand tradition of Vedic wisdom which gives the six philosophies of India so there is uniformity in all. All in one, One in all. It was my freelance research work and conclusion is this that whole universe is yoga in itself and by the practice of meditation that is realized by seekers or sages.

Afterward I joined Osho commune too and gone through very revolutionary explanations and interpretations that clears the concept and opens the eyes of rigid mind and timid tendency of the spiritualists . Just as my parents late Shyam Bihari Shukla and Gomati gave me name Shivam ,now I am as OMO the Guru with blessing and instruction of my Guru Shri Swami Chidanand Saraswati, under the guidance of my Guru Late Dr. Swami Paripurnanand Saraswati at Parmarth Niketan Rishikesh, and blessing of my Guru Shri Swami Asanganand Saraswati, my Guru Late Vidyanand Giri Ji Kailash Ashram Rishikesh and my Guru Dandi Swami Shri Hansananda Saraswati kuti no 2 Swarga Ashram Rishikesh.These are my five Gurus, their blessings are over me always. The seeds sowed by my parents,teachers Gurus, now grown as OMO the Guru.

Now I am dedicated to share the lore of yore to the next generation in the form of packages. To propagate yoga & meditation teachers in the whole world and let them know all about Vedic wisdom deeply. So through the teacher’s training courses , seminars , camps , books by all the means I want to spread this science of yoga and make the people healthy & disease free all over the world is my vision & mission. More than 24 years I m working as a yeoman servant to mankind. I have written four books also as a my research work.

1. Yoga for Young India
2. Meditate And Attain Bliss
3. Laugh & Enlighten
4. Kashi to Quaba (Novel)

At last I pay obligations to my parents, teachers, Gurus and all who taught me something or the other all the time.