Laughter Yoga Teacher’s Training Course Certified + International Laughter Yoga festival in Rishikesh

God has given the privilege of laughing to human beings only not any other beings. Other beings can never laugh giggly like human beings. God has given us the virtue and mechanism to laugh. So there is some purpose very important.There is some secret very important.

The genius Omo the Guru has revealed all the secrets of laughter and formulated a complete package of laughter yoga and meditation to prepare the laughter guru’s all over the world in order to heal the whole humanity and boost the happiness and health .Omo the Guru wanna to spread the scientific method of laughter all over the world.

It gives not only physical flexibility but purification of total nervous system and stilling the mind effectively that leads practitioner to transcendental state. It is therefore a complete therapeutic and spiritual package that leads at last to realization.

Laughter is the foe of depression. Laughter and depression can’t live together. So You have to select either depression or laughter for your self. It spiritizes all the body mechanism as well as mind and fulfill vim and vigor. This is very effective way of happiness  wellness and harmony in the body and mind.

This package of laughter yoga and meditation trains you how to teach others authoritatively explaining them all the benefits of laughter in physical and mental level so that they may spread it and make the whole world happy and harmonized by the practice of high techniques of laughter.The practitioner erases the causes of depression day by day and protects from all the negativeness.

Fees – $850 (including food, accommodation and certificate)

A syllabic out look.

 Yoga its history, Laughter yoga and meditation.

The scriptural ground for laughter yoga.

The philosophy and vedic wisdom 

Anatomy of laughter yoga and meditation.

Physiology  and therapy of laughter yoga and meditation.

 Ayurveda and it’s role for happiness & laughter yoga and meditation.

 Asana and laughter therapy.

 Laughter meditation and it’s effect over mental mechanism.

 How to make the people happy & healthy through laughter yoga.

Class Schedule

05.00 : 08.00 – Practice

08.30 : 09.00 – Breakfast

09.30 : 10.30 – Philosophy and vedic wisdom

11.00 : 12.00 – physiology and therapy of Laughter

01.00 : 02.00 – Lunch

03.00 : 03.30 – Fresh Seasonal Fruit Juice

04.30 : 05:00 – Tea

05.00 – 07.00 – Practice

08.00 – 09.00 – Dinner

10.00 – Sleep